10 Reasons Why Mumbai Is The Best City In India

1. The City Of Dreams

If you have a dream, then Mumbai will provide you the platform to fulfill it. Mumbai truly is the city of dreams, daily thousands of people come to Mumbai with their big dreams.

Some of them make it big, some of them are still striving to make it big.

city of dreams mumbai

2. The Glorious Sea

If you are having a bad day or just looking for some answers from within, head to the nearest beach or just go to marine drive for a stroll. The sea is so glorious that it will surely provide you with all the answers that you seek. Having a ‘cutting chai’ if you want the answer to come you faster.

marine drive

3. Communal Harmony

Mumabai is the home to people from almost every religion known to mankind, the unsocial elements have tried their best to disrupt the harmony among the people but have mostly failed.  In a city where people are too busy chasing their dreams, they hardly have time to fight over irrelevant issues.

communal harmony

4. Safe For Women

This probably the best part of the city. Mumbai is the safest city for women in India. The cab/auto drivers are very friendly and will make sure they drop you back home safely. The Mumbai police is also strict against hooligans making it really safe for women.


5. Short In Space Yet So Accommodating

Its a fact that Mumbai is a little short in space, the houses are small, there is less land but the over enthusiastic and accommodating people have ample of space in their hearts.  In Mumbai no one is a stranger, everyone is a friend.

mumbai city

6. Home To The Cuddly And The Most Awesome Parsi Community

This goes out to all the  Bomanji, Pestonji, Billimorias and Sorabjis of the world- Mumbai would be incomplete without you and your cuisine.


7. Art Appreciating City

Mumbai is the financial capital of the country apart from that it is also the art capital of the country. People in Mumbai love their art forms like theaters and art exhibitions. The successful Gujrati theater circuit in the capital is one of the example.


8. The Vada Pav, The Cutting Chai, The Pav Bhaaji

You don’t have to burn a hole in the pocket to enjoy an awesome meal in Mumbai. The street food culture in Mumbai is one of the best in the country.

street food

9. Awesome Night Life – The City That Never Sleeps

Mumbai loves to work hard and over compensate with partying harder. The night life in Mumbai is awesome and since the city is safe for women, people love going out without any inhibitions.

mumbai night life

10. The Monsoon To Die For

This fast paced city is probably is best city to experience monsoon.  The rains add a totally new dimension to the city. Yes the traffic situations gets worse but its totally worth it.

mumbai rain

This article was originally published at Daily Legit and is written by Rahul Jain.

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