Friendship Day With RoomnHouse

Friendships are born in the most unexpected places, at the most unexpected times; right from your first friend in pre kindergarten who you shared your toy with, or your friends in school who you borrowed pencils and pens from, to the stranger on a bus who became a friend because you take the same route to work/home every day.

The world is too big a place to miss out on friendships just waiting to be formed. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, travel is a great way to make new friends, and meet many new people and even meet a new version of your own self!

Here’s a story with kindness and goodness at its heart.

Marianne and Richa met through an alternate accommodation site, they were introduced to each other as a guest and a host, but went back with much more. They became friends, made tonnes of memories, and continue to keep in touch even after they’ve had to geographically part ways.

We caught up with them recently, and here’s what they had to say :

RnH : How did you come across Room n House?

Richa: I had seen a video on youtube sometime back.. and totally forgot about it for some time.. then I wanted to buy an iPhone… As silly as it sounds, the only reason why I listed my place on was to earn a few extra bucks so that I could buy an iPhone. But after hosting my first ever guest – Marianne, I realized there’s much more to alternate stay hosting than just making money.

Marianne: I was planning to do an India trip eat pray love style, for the longest time, and kept my eye on the fluctuating prices for airfare and whatnot.. so when I got a good deal airfare wise, I bought the tickets.. To find a good hotel in Mumbai was not difficult, but I am not quite a fan of hotel accommodation. I travel a lot and prefer Alternate stays anytime over hotels. I have always preferred couchsurfing when I travel anywhere, and I wasn’t going to let that change on my first trip to India.. So I looked up online for similar options here in India, and I found Richa’s place listed on Roomnhouse to be my best option, since it was close to the airport and also within my budget unlike some of the hotels nearby. And I can safely say that Richa has become my favourite host, or as she’s taught me, meri achhi dost. I hope I said that correctly.

RnH : How was the experience?

Richa: Just fantastic. Like I can’t even believe that this is real. It just feels so dream like because The entire weekend she was here I felt l had an elder sister around. In fact, I keep telling her this that it always felt like I’m the guest and she’s the one hosting me.

Marianne: it’s been wonderful, I never thought that I would make such a good friend on this trip.. Richa has a great taste in shopping. I get so confused when I’m shopping and especially the local vendors can get really nasty with their prices on seeing a foreigner. Thanks to her company, I got all my shopping done at incredible bargains.

RnH : what was the defining moment of the friendship? (like you knew you had a good friend right here..)

Richa: For me it was that one conversation where she told me what a big foodie she was.. and that’s the one thing common between us is that both of us LOVE FOOD! We’re complete foodies! The moment she told me this, I knew exactly where to take her after our tiring shopping. The smiles on our faces after being so pleasantly full, were really selfie worthy, only that we didn’t take any.

Marianne: I love trying out the local food wherever I travel to, I think it’s an integral part of the culture of the place, it really tells you a lot about the flavour of the place, quite literally! I remember there was this yummy flavoured ice at the beach called Gola, or something like that. I had three of them on the same day. I did catch a cold after that but it was worth it.

RnH : Any parting thoughts?

Richa: too many! I had lots of places to show her around, many more place to take her to eat! Even though She was here only for a short stay of 3 days, but we bonded so well. I wish we could spend some more time. She’s going to come back later this year so I’ve promised to show her many more places. Until then, we’ll stay in touch on facebook and whatsapp, and decide what all she’d like to do the next time she visits!

Marianne: Honestly? There’s a lot of them. I’d been telling myself this whole trip, that 3 days are not enough, I’m going to be back, and for longer next time.. The people, the warmth, the memories, this experience.. this is one of the main reasons why I prefer Alternate stays over hotels. Not only did I get to live like a local, but also found an amazing friend in Richa. I couldn’t have asked for a better way for this adventure of sorts to unfold itself.

watch their story below

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So go on, surprise your friends with a trip to Goa! Celebrate friendship, celebrate travels.

Happy Friendships’ Day!

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