Travel Guide For Lonavala

1.) Bhushi Dam
Bhushi Dam

The most popular tourist attraction in Lonavala, Bhushi Dam is best fit to be visited during monsoons .  During weekends you’ll find it difficult to spot the steps near the dam as the entire crowd gathers here for a refreshing dip in the water.

The view of the dam, covered in mist and fog is therapeutic to the tired city eyes and the whole place has a chilled out vibe to it.

Although swimming in this area is prohibited but you can always splash water and relive those childhood memories.

2.) Celebrity Wax Museum
Prabhudeva is one of the most multi-talented people we have in the industry today anda bollywood fashion icon, so to celebrate him and his many accomplishments, the folks over at the Lonavala wax museum created a wax statue of the superstar.

Lonavala boasts of having India’s first wax museum and is the perfect place to spend a peaceful afternoon.

The museum holds wax statues of all the eminent personalities, from Narendra Modi , Kapil Dev to Michael Jackson and AR Rehman.

This Indian version of ‘Madam Tussauds’ is not overtly publicised so it doesn’t see too many visitors, local or otherwise.  So much so, that even some of the locals will give you questioning looks regarding its existence.

The visiting hours are from 9:00 am- 9:00 pm.

3.) Dukes Nose
Duke's nose , Lonavala Khandala- India

This popular cliff located near Lonavala is best suited for trekking early in the morning with a camera and lots of food in your bag pack. It is named after the Duke of wellington, as the cliff resembles the Duke’s nose. The cliff offers a mind boggling  view of the plains below and gives a peak into the Mumbai-Pune rail and roadways. This would make for an excellent picnic spot with your travel buddies and you would definitely come back with beautiful memories and a smile on your face!

4.)Bhaja Caves

Private Tour: Kanheri Caves, Elephanta Caves or Karla and Bhaja Caves from Mumbai - Lonely Planet

A string of 22 rock excavations, the Bhaja Caves are rich in history and archaeology. Perhaps, one of the few structures to be protected as a national monument by the Archaeological survey of India, they stand tall in their magnanimous glory. The Bhaja caves reflect the ever peaceful Buddhist culture and the mountain carvings depict certain Indian myths related to the Sun god – Surya. If you are a history buff and enjoy cultural relevance attached to places, this is the right place for you to quench your wanderlust.


5.) Birla Ganesh Statue
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The Ganesh statue built and maintained by the Birla trust is situated along the old Mumbai Pune highway(NH4).The holy copper clad Ganesh statue is 72 ft. tall in height and is placed on another 18 ft. high pedestal, clearly visible even to a short sighted person. Although one has to climb an ungodly amount of 180 steps to reach the statue, it is well worth the sweat, because not only is the statue breathtakingly awe inspiring, but you’ll probably even find a view that takes your breath away (As if the climb didn’t already do that!)

6.) Kune Falls
Kune Falls is located in the Lonavala Khandala valley in Pune, Maharashtra. The 14th highest waterfall in India, it is a tourist attraction

The majestic Kune falls situated in Khandala(en-route to Lonavala) are one of the most visited falls during monsoons. As the water cascades from a height of more than 100 ft. the stunning visuals make it a must visit outing whenever you are in Lonavala.

7.) Maganlal Chikki

Lonavala is especially Chikki (Puffed Rice Brittle) - This is a recipe from India and it sounds so good! I love Indian food but I don't have much luck in making it, but this is so simple and easy I think I will try it tomorrow!famous for its most relished ‘Chikkis’ in the entire state. Maganlal Chikki is a celebrated franchise in Lonavala which sells these delicious chikkis in different flavours. Every tourist leaves with a bag full of chikkis whenever they visit Lonavala. Also, the amazing strawberry and chocolate fudge are not to be missed at any cost. Head out to ‘Maganlal Chikki wala’ during the last few days to fill your stock for the rest of the year.

8.) Shooting Point

This scenic treasure in Khandala is the reason many Bollywood directors head over to Lonavala with their cast and crew to capture some of the picturesque surroundings in their camera reel; hence the name ‘Shooting Point’. This place gives a clear view of the Rajmachi park and Kune falls are also visible from this point. So head over to this place with your high end DSLRs and capture the perfect landscape for your Instagram feed!

9.) Akhlesh Dinesh Modi, Adhyatm Campus

Lonavala is dedicated to Jainism and the study of ‘Shwetambar’ and ‘Digambar’.The Adhyatam Campus built by Shri Dinesh Bhai J Modi is a store house to all material related to Jainism. The campus includes a Jain temple, a club house, a guest house and a Jain library along with a statue of Shrimad Raj Chandra.

10.) Lohagad Fort
Lohagad Fort, India

This iron fort is at a very high altitude which was used amply by Chatrapati Sivaji as a hill fort. At an altitude of more than 1050 metres, the fort interests anyone with an itch for architecture, archaeology or history. The fort has four entrances namely, ‘Ganesh Darwaja’ , ‘Narayan Darwaja’ , ‘Hanuman Darwaja’ and ‘Maha Darwaja’. Take some time out from your packed schedule to witness this marvellous piece of architecture amidst the calm of nature.

So plan a trip to Lonavala for this weekend all your friends and enjoy an epic weekend getaway.

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