5 things all Travelers hate hearing

These are the absolute worst.

1. Any and all forms of “Wow you travel a lot, I wish I could do that too”

How about actually using some of your leave to plan that trip eh? Don’t just sit there lusting for our travel opportunities, go make some for yourself!
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2. Where do you get the time to travel?

The same place you do actually. It’s only that maybe some of us have jobs that allow us to travel the world extensively, or we’ve left the jobs that were to stifling on that front. Even if we haven’t left our jobs, because we need a steady income to pay for our trips, we use all of the sanctioned leaves within the year that they are assigned to us. You could do that too!

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3. Hey can you get me something from -insert name of travel destination(s) here- ?

NO. Because if we get you something, we need to get everyone something, and all of these somethings take too much precious luggage space. So no. no one’s getting anyone anything from anywhere. Unless you’re one of the few people we really really care about, then we’ll get you something without you having to ask for it.
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4. How can you decide where and who to go with?

By not throwing darts at a map 😛 No seriously, we plan when, where and who to go with, just as we would plan any other normal thing, we don’t understand why this question exists, and why people insist on asking it.
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5. Uh – Oh. That doesn’t sound safe. Are you sure you want to go there?

We understand you’re worried for us, but we’ll be able to take care of ourselves. We will also research the hell out the place we go to before we travel there so please treat us like the responsible adults that we are.
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