Lavasa Travel Guide

Located in the Pune district, Lavasa is a very popular tourist destination with beautiful landscapes and adventure filled activities.

Lavasa is a well planned which is most popular for its dam and extreme water sports.

If you’re planning your holiday near the Mumbai-Pune region there’s no better place than Lavasa to explore. This travel guide includes all the popular and important places you need to visit.

1.) Temghar Dam –

Amidst lush green trees and cool breeze, Temghar Dam is the most visited place in Lavasa. This place is squirming with tourists all 365 days of the year who come here to unwind their summer blues.
Temghar Dam, Maharashtra, India:

2.) Lavasa’s Indoor Golf and Recreational Center –

It doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 70 because once you’re here you will catch the infectious vibrant feel of this place. Come here to play indoor golf with your squad or with a colleague, fun times are guaranteed.

Lavasa's Indoor Golf Recreational & Learning Center

3.) Health and wellness centre –

This is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body by being in tune with all your ‘chakras’. Be it a therapeutic ayurvedic massage or an early morning yoga class, you are bound to experience spirituality on a deeper level.
3 Centering Meditations You Can Do In 5 Minutes Or Less:

4.) Indugle in water sports activities in lakeshore –

Throw in your swimsuits and trunks to experience the most exhilarating water sports activities near Lakeshore. Enjoy an international water sports experience with activities like pontoons, bumper boats, jet skiing, water volleyball and pedal boats.
Lakeshore Watersports

5.) Karla Caves –

One of the oldest rock cut temples in India, the scriptures and ornamentation on these rocks is quite exquisite. The construction of these caves started in 120 BC and continued until 2nd These Buddhist caves are perhaps the most apt reflection of the quintessential ancient India.
Karla Caves, the most magnificent rock-cut chaitya in India:

6.) Adventure sports –

Paintball, rock climbing trekking etc. – Lavasa is known for its thrilling adventure sports and there are a number of places where you can satiate the adrenaline rush in your body. The most famous place is the xThrill adventure academy which offers activities like Rock climbing, Paintball, paragliding and much more.
Adventure Sports

7.) Family time at Vortex Splash Pad –

A source of endless fun and pleasure, Vortex Splash Pad is a one of its kind cross generational water kingdom in India. Plan a day trip here with your family and drown all your tension in the cool water. It’s a place for every member, regardless of their age because who doesn’t love to go down on a water slide!
Vortex Splash Pad

8.) Train ride minus the tracks –

Take a joy ride through the city on a train that runs on road and explore the sights and sounds that make Lavasa a popular destination for all ages.

9.) The Vintage Car Show –

Take a ride back in time with the vintage car show in Lavasa that showcases car models from the 1920’s that have been passed down the generations. If you’re planning your trip in December, this extravaganza is in store for you.

You can download the full travel guide on Lavasa guide.

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