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Panchgani, Maharashtra | Amber Breitenberg:

Panchgani – the land of five hills, is located in the state of Maharashtra surrounded with mountains on one side and coastal plains on the other. The scenic beauty and serene ambience of this hill station is beyond comparison. From outdoor sightseeing to cuddling inside a warm blanket as the fog settles outside, Panchgani is your perfect get away destination from the monotonous and polluted city life.

Here are all the places that you must cover when you’re in Panchgani :

1.) Devari Art Village

It is an NGO which supports a group of niche artists and craftsmen skilled in handicrafts to suit the contemporary tastes of people. Every article sold helps in preserving the traditional art and cultural way of life.
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2.)Sydney Point

Sydney Point is the only place in Panchgani which offers a scenic view of the Krishna valley, Dhom Dam and Kamlagad Fort all at the same time. You don’t need sunglasses when you’re at Sydney Point because the charming view of the valleys below from the naked eye is well worth the heat. Click ‘selfies’ here with the perfect scenery as a background filter.

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3.) Kamalgad Fort

This is a popular destination for many Panchgani locals and visiting tourists as it is only at a distance of 69 kms from the city. At an altitude of 4522 ft. the Kamlagadh Fort offers an exquisite view of Vedanta green vegetation and Dhom backwaters. The surrounding greenery and the cool breeze that wafts in makes this place fit to be called Panchgani’s own lover point .
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4.)Table Land

The only place in Panchgani which can be visited during any season. Come here in winters for the fog covered mountains, in summers for a beautiful sunset experience and in monsoons for the best possible view you are ever going to see. Apart from the beautiful scenery and an evening walk you can go for a horse ride or indulge in the simple pleasures of watching the nearby goats and cows in their natural habitat.

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5.) Lord Kartikey Temple

This temple as the name suggests, is devoted to Lord Kartikey, son of Lord Shiva. The main attraction of this temple is the ‘Thaipooyam’ festival which takes place every year in the month of January. It is located inside the Rajpuri caves and is always a good place to visit when you want some inner guidance in life or simply a sense of solitude.

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6.) Mount Malcom

Mount Malcom is often visited by tourists to absorb the ancient British architectural style depicted here.

It is one of the few historical destinations of the city and has a feel good vibe to it. If you’re a history buff this place will enthral you in many ways.
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7.) Harriosn’s Folly

It’s a unique viewpoint which captures the view of the ghats that connect Panchgani and Wai. The scenic downhill view from this plateau will completely mesmerize you and leave you wanting for more. You’ll come across this point on your way to Panchgani so visit this place for a family picnic or to just hang around with friends, you’ll love going here either way.
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8.) Devil’s Kitchen

The history associated with this place is that many years ago it served abode to the ‘Pandavas’ and this place was used by them to cook their meals. It is situated to the south of Table Land and is visited by many tourists throughout the year.
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9.) Dhom Dam

This is the place to visit if you love clicking pictures as the mountains and the Krishna river perfectly sync into the canvas of Panchgani land. You can go boating during daytime or opt for a quite peaceful car ride along the banks of the river.

Photo of Dhom Dam

Here you can download the full travel guide on panchgani.

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