Jaipur is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan in Northern India. This Pink City is ‘the’ place to be in for all photography enthusiasts. ”Why? “ you may ask .OK so …have a look at the 10 must visit places in Jaipur and you shall know why.

  1. Amber Fort –

Situated at the Delhi-Jaipur highway, Amber palace is only 11 kms away from Jaipur. The fort is one of the most scenic hilltop destinations in Jaipur which offers a beautiful depiction of the Hindu and Muslim architecture. The fun part is the elephant ride which ferries the visitors up and down the hill.

You will also find beautiful gardens, pavilion and palaces as you start to explore the fort.

amber fort
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  1. Hot Air Ballooning

hot air
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Flying is not just an activity but an experience in itself. Be a sky explorer and experience a feeling that leaves you calm and nurtured.  It is recommended to try hot air ballooning over the Amer area in Jaipur!

  1. Elephant Safari

It is always refreshing to get away from the chores and monotony of the city and venture into the canopy of wild trees. The elephant safari will in Jaipur will prove to be a tranquil experience as you will be one with the goodness of nature and feel the godliness in the surrounding flora/fauna.

  1. Hawa Mahal

Built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap to offer privacy to local folk women of that region, Hawa Mahal is one of the most photographed landmark of the city. It is a beautiful red sandstone structure located amidst the Johari bazar.

hawa mahal
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Entries are free on Monday and the Mahal remains closed on Friday for public viewing. So plan your trip accordingly.

  1. Jantar Mantar –

jantar mantar
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‘Instruments measuring the harmony of heaven’ is the literal translation of the term ‘Jantar Mantar. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where many astronomical techniques are used to decipher some complicated science related facts. The most popular instrument here is the Samart Ratna which is devised to measure the time of the day through the length and placement of the shadow. Cool, isn’t it?

  1. Kanak Vrindavan Gardens

The name of this garden is derived from Lord Krishna’s ‘Vrindavan’ garden as Raja Sawai Jai Singh saw it fit to compare the grandiose beauty of these two gardens. As the name suggests these gardens are located in the Kanak valley near the jungle clad foothills of the Nahgarh Hills.

The garden is a sight for sore eyes as it showcases a perfectly manicured landscape and serene lakes/ fountains. It’s historical importance adds to its magnificent aura as this spot was used to perform the ancient ‘Ansmawedha Yagna’(prayer before going to battle).

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  1. City Palace

city alace
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The city palace is an exquisite blend of the royal Mughal and Rajput architecture which covers nearly 1/10th of the Pink city. The most famous and magnificent structure in the City palace is the ‘Chandra Mahal’ which occupies 7 floors each with a different name. However only the first floor is accessible for public viewing as the descendants of the royal family still reside in the rest of the building. City palace is the perfect reflection of the beautifully woven culture of the royal Mughals and Rajputs of ancient India.

  1. Choki Dhani Village

choki dhani
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A land filled with artistry and culture instilled in its roots, Choki Dhani village is recommended to all the first timers in the city. It is a platform where various artists perform and every evening a village fair is hosted displaying the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Ohh ya..Don’t forget to buy the exquisite souvenirs and other handicrafts made by the local artists of the village or get clicked in a traditional Rajasthani attire at one of the photo studios.

  1. Galta Monkey Temple

galta monkey
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It is undoubtedly one of the best places in Jaipur to watch the sun set in its absolute pristine nature. The place as you can figure out from the name, is filled with monkeys who are rather territorial in nature but are friendly otherwise. If you’re an animal/nature lover or both, this place will capture your interest for sure.

  1. Sheesh Mahal

sheesh mahal
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Although Sheesh Mahal is part of the Amber fort mentioned above, it is worth mentioning as a separate point. Sheesh Mahal is a major tourist attraction in the city due to its delicate mirror work and grandeur of the halls. The most enticing feature of this palace is that even if a single ray of light enters the ‘Mahal’ it replicates in the other mirrors and lights up the entire palace.


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