5 Airport Expenses one can surely Avoid.


  1. Expensive Airport Duty Free Items

Some major airport terminals resemble upscale shopping malls. Duty free shopping is a big-money industry. Essentially, you’re buying merchandise at greatly reduced tax rates because the airport is located in an international trade zone.

But the so-called deals on duty free items don’t always work out to be as wonderful as advertised. Sometimes, they’re marked up considerably.



2.  Airport Taxi and Limousine Services

In many places, the airport is far-removed from the city centre. This can result in some expensive taxi and limousine tabs.

But even in places where the distance isn’t as great, airport transportation can be an eye-opening expense.

It’s best to find public transportation at the airport. In big cities, it can be quite affordable — perhaps as low as $10 or less by train into the central city.

No matter the locale, avoid the taxi and limousine stands if at all possible.


3.  Airport Money Exchanges

People who are exchanging money in an airport might have an urgent need to acquire another currency. But in most cases, it’s an impulse that results from a lack of planning.

Budget travellers know that there are places outside of an airport where they can find much better rates. If they do perform an airport exchange, it will be for a small amount of money — just enough to arrange ground transportation to their hotel or a bank in the centre of the city.


4.   Airport Car Rentals

Airport space is expensive. If you’re going to rent cars at a terminal, the property will come at premium prices. Once inside, space for counters and offices also don’t come cheap.

Do a simple cost comparison between what it costs to rent a car in town and at or near the airport. Generally, the airport rental will come in significantly higher.

Sometimes this added expense can’t be avoided. But if it’s practical, take public transportation from the airport area into a place where rates and fees are lower. Skip the airport car rental whenever possible.




5.  Airport Meals

Airport food has improved considerably in recent years with many speciality restaurants made available.

But the cost for most meals will come in at a higher rate than what is charged in the city. Airport terminal overhead costs are steep and are usually passed along to the consumer.





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