5 Lies You May Have To Use While Travelling

As travellers, we’re often prone to scams, harassment, being stalked and many other terrible experiences and a simple white lie is often all it takes to deflect this unwanted attention.

Here are 5 lies you can tell to keep yourself safe on the road.

  1. “I’m Traveling With a Friend”

As frustrating as it seems, solo travellers are targeted more than any other type of traveller. If you’re in a situation where you don’t want to give too much of yourself away, say that you’re traveling with a friend but spending the day apart to explore different parts of the city. It’ll make you seem like less of an easy target, especially if you’re female.

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  1. “I no Speak English”

In some parts of the world, the touts can be a pain. In these situations, simply telling them you don’t speak English and shrugging can be enough to deter them.

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  1. “No, This Isn’t My First Time Here”

When you take a cab from the airport, your driver will likely ask you if it’s your first time in the city. While it can be tempting to say yes and see if you can gather some local knowledge, it’s best to say that you’ve been here before. If the driver knows this is your first time in a city, he can take you in circles and make you pay double.

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  1. “Sorry, I Can’t Remember the Name of My Hotel”

If you meet someone that seems to be a little too much interested in who you are, be sure to put your guard up and make sure you don’t give too much detail. If someone asks where you’re staying, pretend that you can’t remember the name of your hotel and only describe it to them vaguely.

  1. “Yes, I have a Boyfriend”

This is more applicable for the solo female travellers out there, and can be used to deflect unwarranted attention. If a guy’s annoying you at a bar and won’t leave you alone, tell him you have a boyfriend.


So all you fellow travellers, I would like to conclude by saying do all it takes to Be Safe and Travel Safe.

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