5 Things You Should Never Wear When Traveling Abroad

Before you get your suitcase out for your daring adventure holidays or maybe just a pilgrimage, here are 5 things you may wish to leave in your closet as you pack for your next trip.

1.     Flashy Jewellery

Be smart. Never wear expensive, flashy jewellery abroad, unless you want your diamond rings, pearls and pricey watches to be tagged for someone else’s collection.

You are also more likely to misplace your cherished jewellery while travelling.

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  1. Immodest Clothing

Although this one is common sense, you’d be surprised how many times we encounter clueless tourists abroad. Research your destination, opt for modest clothing in more conservative destinations, avoid sporting religious or military symbols, swear words, national flags and any words or symbols written in a language you cannot translate and cover up appropriately when you’re visiting religious sites.
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  1. Impractical Shoes

This is a given. Heels, athletic sneakers, flats with no support, flip-flops (unless you’re at the beach) and rain boots (unless the forecast calls for rain every day) are pretty much a travel no-go.

(Pro tip: Always avoid wearing/carrying new footwear, to avoid the painful shoe bites that come free with it.)

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  1. A Large, Open Handbag

Listen up, ladies. This is one of the most important ways to keep your belongings safe. Although a large tote is always in style, an open bag is an open invitation to pickpockets.

(Pro Tip: You’ll be less tempted to over pack your day bag by carrying a smaller, zipping purse.)


  1. Uncomfortable Fabrics

We’ve all been there. You packed a dress for a special event, only to unpack and discover it’s a wrinkled mess. From discomfort to wrinkles and funky odours, the fabrics you choose can make or break your travel days. So please avoid silks, nylon, leather, rubber, and more generally, clothes made from a synthetic material.



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