Amby Valley, Lonavala – 5 Things to do!

With Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival 2015 aka BEVC 2015, the only multi genre electronic music festival in India all set for its 3rd stellar season this December on the 18th, 19th and 20th at Amby Valley City, you may be wondering what all can one explore here, besides the “Enchanted Village” AT EVC ,right?

Well, you’ll be equally surprised by what we have found out and be astounded by the plethora of activities Amby Valley City has in store for you.

So here you go…

Amby valley is an idle getaway destination to escape the congested metro life and savour the sweet taste of liberty, given that you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks. What’s unique about this place is that it offers its upper class citizens a runway to charter their private aircraft, a practice which isn’t seen in any other small towns or cities.

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1.) A joy ride for all age groups

Amby valley isn’t only for the retired old men or the ones who’re young and beautiful in their teenage years, in fact it manages to entertain almost anyone who finds themselves amidst this beautiful city. Be it their 7 star restaurants, an extensive golf course or water parks for kids, this city has it all! So don’t think twice and ride along with your entire family for a memorable vacation!

2.) Nature’s Child

There’s no better place to witness the marvel of nature than the lush flora and fauna of Amby Valley.

Picture this, a 25 km waterfront at 2300 ft. above sea level, surreal isn’t it?’

But this isn’t even the best part yet, the beautiful landscapes and rocky terrains are a sight for sore eyes!

3.) Sports Lover

Unleash the player inside you in all its full glory because Amby Valley is the perfect location for all the enthralling adventure sports. Name your sport and its there, from horse riding to trekking or even a simple game of golf with your peers! However, these activities come at a premium price and you may have to plan in advance the right game at the right price, rest assured it is worth every single nickel that you spend on it.

Aamby Valley Roomnhouse

4.) Music, dance and couture..

Apart from the seamless sports activities and sight-seeing, Amby Valley is also rich in its artistic quotient!

The ‘Glitterati’ event which marks the beginning of every new year is attended by many Bollywood superstars and international performers for your entertainment.

Amby Valley also organizes its own Indian Bridal Fashion week where designers showcase their exquisite craftsmen ship with a lot of glamour and shimmer!


5.) Awards and Accolades 

The Amby Valley Golf Course was adjudged the best international golf course for the year 2012-2013 amongst stiff competition from 88 other participants! It also comes under the Rolex top 1000 Golf Courses in the world.  A little known fact about the city is that it holds a Guinness World record  for planting 1252576 trees in  a span of 6 hours with the help of  1400 active volunteers! With such worldwide acclaim and recognition, Amby Valley has evolved to become a brand in itself over the years!

You shouldn’t keep waiting to experience everything that you just read.

Hitch a ride to witness the serenity of this city along with the widely popular ‘EVC’ music festival with your friends.

See you there! 😉

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