Whether it’s showing up at the airport on the wrong day or booking a flight to the wrong airport, travel mistakes are more common than some might think.

Well, since it is your first time travelling, you are expected to make mistakes. You’ll just have to be better prepared to make it easier for you to cope with them. To help you, here are 5 common mistakes that you should avoid:

  1. Being TOO Social

Bragging about upcoming trips and posting selfie’s and status updates while you are on vacation is so common now that it can be considered an expected part of the experience. Keep in mind however that you are advertising that you’ve left behind an empty house.

Webroot has reported that, “Burglars have already begun to turn to Facebook and Twitter to find homes that may be vacant during a holiday absence, so don’t make their job any easier for them by giving them your travel itinerary.”
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  1. Having an over ambitious itinerary

Instead… Be flexible; don’t be afraid to change your plans due to weather or money shortage.  Be aware of the time it takes to get from “A” to “B” (not by distance, but by travel method: car, bus, train, etc).  Factor additional time for possible delays as well as extra time to rest.  Remember, you don’t need to see the whole country in one visit; planning to do so will make you feel drained out.

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  1. Money Exchange Errors:

When you travel abroad to a country which uses a different currency to your country, it’s always good to know how much it’s worth and what you should be getting for your money. When exchanging currency at foreign exchange kiosks it is often common for tellers to confuse the crap out of you in order to short change you.

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  1. Guidebooks and Travel Agents for Everything

For sure, guidebooks and travel agents will help you a lot with your travel needs. But trusting everything on them is again a common mistake. Booking everything with a travel agent can double the cost of your trip, while treating travel guidebook as your gospel will not allow you to experience unique adventures through the unbeaten paths of your chosen destination.

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  1. Over packing

Instead… Pack only what you need and know you’ll use, not what you think you’ll use.  Buy the rest at your destination (possibly at a fraction of the price).  Once fully packed, review everything you have and try to reduce the load a little bit more.

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