Guest Etiquettes

1.) Arrive with a gift

A bottle of champagne seems to fit the bill perfectly. But you should know your audience, if the host doesn’t consume alcohol make sure you bring something that has utility for them. Like any crockery item or simply a bouquet of flowers.
Buy your own stuff – If you’re a picky eater and prefer to have your standard breakfast/lunch/dinner make sure that you buy your own groceries. It’ll be economical as you won’t have to waste money to buy expensive meals outside and your hosts would appreciate the gesture.|
I love Verdi, I use to drink it all the time:

2.) Personal Space

Give yourself some peaceful time alone and let your host have their peace of mind.No one likes a clingy lurker. Sure they would like to spend quality time with you but not every minute of the day.
"This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed " Breaking Bad

3.) Help the host

Help your host in the daily household work, make an extra effort to make them feel at ease and not loaded with work. Do your own dishes and make sure that you clean your own bed sheets and make the bed yourself.

4.) Plan your outings

If you have a meeting or several meetings scheduled make sure that you inform your hosts about your schedule so that they can plan according to your needs. Don’t keep them second guessing whether you’ll be home for dinner or not.

5.) Leave graciously

When it’s time for you to leave make sure your room is as tidy as it was when you walked in or tidier. Don’t be a messy guest who leaves it upon the host to do the cleaning chores. Let the host know how grateful you are at the time of leaving. Once you have reached home safely, call them and let them know and appreciate them for their good hospitality.
DON'T Be Afraid to Put Your Bed In Front of a Window Sometimes, in a small room, it’s the only option if you want to also squeeze in dressers and nightstands. Plus, placing your bed in front of a window can create a super-strong focal point:

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