5 Food Items You Should Never Eat Before Flying

Keeping a check on your eating habits before boarding a flight is essential to avoid sickness or nausea!

Don’t bother your co passengers by visiting the loo every 15 minutes!

It is advisable to avoid over indulging in these 5 delicacies before travelling –

1. Delhi Belly

This includes any food item which is fried in oil or eating from the local fast food joints near your residence! Even certain regular veggies like – cauliflower, cabbage may cause a serious upset stomach.
Also, you don’t want to be the object of public shaming when that gas escapes the intestinal tunnel! 😛

2. Tipsy Turvy

Drinking alchohol before a flight may seem like a normal drill to calm your nerves but it rarely proves to be helpful! It may come in way of your much needed sleep by keeping you on edge at all times! Also, many drunk travelers often create a scene during the journey causing trouble for everyone around!

3. Sprout Effect

Beans and sprouts are also infamous for triggering all the wrong “pressure’ points or glands in your body.
Avoid eating your standard breakfast of baked beans and suasages just for one day as a precaution!

4. Not so sugar free

Sugar free products may come in handy during flights for the diabetic patients but they usually contain artficially flavoured sweetners which may cuase bloating during the flight.

Unless you want to miss the scenic view from your window seat and stay in the toilet instead, sugar free items are strictly not recommended!


We’re all familiar with the patent garlic stained breath which we’ve all experienced in some form!

You don’t want people to throw a breath mint at you every time you talk or make a sound!

Be considerate towards fellow passengers!

So now that you are aware of the food items you should NOT eat before flying, what should you be eating then?
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Is there any one particular thing you never eat before getting on a flight? Feel free to comment below and share your views with us.

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