5 places you should not miss in Nashik

Weekend getaways.. The phrase itself gives you a sense of relief. As a citizen of this beautiful and pulchritudinous country, I am so proud to tell you about one of its most distinct cities -Nashik.

Nashik – A city that traces its roots back to prehistoric times and has always been an important destination in India in terms of history, religion and culture. And also the 5th place is quite interesting. Happy reading. 🙂


1.) Ramtirth (River Godavari)

Ramtirth is the holy spot in the river where the ashes of the deceased are immersed in the flowing water. It is believed that the ashes dissolve here and it is the most important last rite for many families. It is the main holy spot for bathing during the Kumbh Mela. You will also find many ‘Saadhus’ waiting to recite different stories to you,which are quite amusing !


2.) Bazaars of Nashik

There are many bazaars in Nashik out of which the flower market is the most famous one. Early morning just for a walk you can go by the lanes of the older city of Nashik which comes alive with a multitude of colours and fragrances. This is the daily flower market (phool bazaar) where you can find every kind of flower whether for religious purposes or social functions. Go and have a flowery day 🙂


3.) Sarkarwada (Palace of Peshwas)

Sarkarwada is the erstwhile main palace of the Peshwas who were administrators of the city in the 18th century. You can simply glance and walk through this grand palace with four huge courtyards decorated with beautifully carved wooden beams. The palace has been restored by the State Archaeology Department so that you can have your Art and Architecture walk.
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4.) Gargoti Mineral Museum

One of the most well known museums of Nashik. The award winning museum has a breathtakingly beautiful and vast display of green cubical apophyllite, diamonds, cavansite , cut stones, blue green aquamarines, yellow calcite as well as few very rare foreign materials.


5.) Vineyards

Whether or not you can tell the vintage of a wine by a mere whiff and a sip, an escape to a vineyard while you’re exploring places in Nashik is a must. A leisurely walk amidst vineyards will overpower your sense with the all pervasive sweet-sour aroma of grapes. You should visit, even if you’re not a wine connoisseur. You can enjoy the grape stomping at Sula vineyards!

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