10 Resolutions to satiate your wanderlust


How hard do you find it to leave your phone at home while you head out for the day? How often do you check your texts and emails during the day? It’s too often. Isn’t it?

We realise that smartphones and iPads are useful tools for travelling. However, the whole point of a holiday is to escape the daily grind, relax, and unwind. But this is impossible to accomplish when we’re surrounded by devices that connect us to all our troubles back at home. So during your travels ,make a serious attempt to disconnect. You’ll be more attentive to the places you visit, more involved in the experience, and you’ll feel so much better for it. 

2. ) Visit atleast 3 countries that you’ve never seen before 

Sounds pretty straight forward and simple. Returning to the same travel spots year on year. Many people also don’t know that you can get amazing airfare combinations allowing you to visit multiple countries on one trip. Did you know you can get an airfare in the South Pacific that allows you to travel through Fiji, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands? Start ticking more places of your list!   



3. ) Meet new people 

Travelling is amazing not only because it has got superb destinations, continuously learning about our amazing planet and experience unusual encounters and adventures , but also because of the people you meet while travelling who become a part of your journey. Travel is more about the memories we make than reaching the destination. This year travel more with others and embrace the opportunity to share your encounters with other travellers.

4. ) Set Off Solo


The most amazing trips are those which we take all by ourselves in a vivid moment of utmost spontaneity.

Although travelling with others is just as enjoyable, solo travel has a faint touch of spiritual healing and it will give you a sense of renewed self confidence.

So make sure that you plan a solo trip this year and try to do some inner healing as you let go of unwanted feelings.

 5. ) Mix With The Locals

Make a strong effort to learn the local language, and learn as much about the culture as possible before you arrive.

Look up what local events and festivities are on during your stay, and be sure to attend.

Purchase the local newspapers, and try contemplating the local language with the help of other natives. It will help you get into the swing of their language.

Walk everywhere, or take public transport. This is the best way to see all aspects of the city just like the locals do. You’d be surprised to know how much of the city you are unable to explore in a cab.

Also eat as the locals do. Avoid all tourist establishments at all costs! Venture further into the side streets and read local food blogs before you arrive.


6. ) Travel Outside Your Comfort Zone 

We are all culprits of sticking to comfortable and familiar ways. Travel outside your comfort zone, even if it’s only a little – take local transport from an airport instead of a pre organised chauffer driven car. Just altering your style of travel slightly – you will be amazed at how eye opening and exciting it can make things!

7. ) Explore Your Home town

Instead of planning a fancy trip abroad, take a trip down memory lane by visiting your home town once every year. Homecoming will make you realise how much you have grown over the years and it will fill you with a sense of accomplishment. Also, home cooked food is a thousand times better than any molecular gastronomy. Connect with your cousins with whom you have lost touch and throw them a hell of a homecoming party

8. ) Be A Traveller Not A Tourist

Well it may sound a bit cliche’d but this is an important of part of exploring the place you’re in. Being a traveller means to immerse yourself in the culture of the city, make friends and connect with the locals and be sensitive towards their cultural norms. While a tourist is  often characterised as someone who refrains from talking to the locals, they always carry a bottle of mineral water with them and often disregard the local lifestyle.


9. ) Be A Better Saver

It’s easy to create these goals at the beginning of the year, but we all know how difficult it can be to save for them. Other financial expenses arise during the year and our travel goals get pushed aside. But it’s important to make a conscious saving effort for your 2016 travel plans. Purchase one less coffee and put away just a few dollars each day, or cut back on a couple of nights out each month. Create a budget that makes you accountable for a travel savings fund. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it can add up!

10. ) Make That Bucket List Bit More Of A Reality

We all have those countries on our list that we want to get to one day like Antarctica , a 6 month trip through West Africa. There is always excuses of – can’t afford  it at the moment, don’t have enough annual leave. Instead of making excuses, start making it happen. Open a separate bank account for that once-in-a-lifetime trip and start filtering money into it each pay day. It may only be $100 a month, but it’s a start and will bring it to life so

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, it’s okay to have big goals. The key is to work on them and not to wait too long before turning them into a reality.

So, what are you waiting for?

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