Host Etiquettes

Opening your home to guests is no small feat, but the benefits include meeting friendly and interesting travelers and adding a new stream of income to your budget, which is where RoomnHouse enters the picture.

We have a few tips for you to be the perfect host –

1. ) Create  A Welcoming Environment

As a mannerly host creating a welcoming environment is important. A clean and orderly space that  makes them feel they’re the first is a must. Towels and stocked toiletries, including a spare toothbrush, are always a comfort. Some classic books and magazines, calming decor and basic fridge and cupboard staples will go a long way to help your guests relax.  The WiFi password is an added bonus! 😉

2. ) Leave them alone

You may feel the need to keep a regular check on your guests to make sure that they’re comfortable and that’s understood. But doing this at the cost of your guest’s personal space can come across as a bit annoying at times. Make sure that you do not ruin their period of afternoon siesta by engaging them in small talk. There’s nothing more agitating when you’re forced into unnecessary chatter.

Well there goes my heart, its not like I needed it anyways.


3. ) Manage Expectations

Discuss expectations with your potential guests about meals or kitchen privileges, bathroom usage, and sleeping arrangements. Do you have pets? Children in the house? Allergies they should be aware of? Is a certain amount of notice before arrival necessary? Keep things as straightforward as possible. If your budget doesn’t allow you to feed your guests, let them know in advance so they can make other arrangements. Food is fuel for travelers. Recommendations for nearby restaurants is a a plus.

4. )  Golden Rule

Treat your guests the way you’d expect to be treated if you were invited into their home. Keep agreements made about time and place. if your schedule changes for any reason, let your guests know.

“Be the (sartorial) change you want to see in the world.”

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5. )  Be A Resource

It’s nice to have stash of resources collected in advance so you don’t have to repeat yourself every time. Offer directions for the best way out of town that just happens to pass by unbelievable scenic view.

6. ) Trust Your Gut Instinct

If you feel uncomfortable about the situation for any reason, don’t agree to host. If something does not feel right in your first conversations. it likely isn’t good fit for you. Thank them for the inquiry and pass on the opportunity.


7. ) Seeing The Guests Off

This goes far beyond the front door!

Accompanying your guests to the street, hanging around with them until a taxi or other transport arrives is polite. It is not a waste of time but an elegant behavior.


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