Suitable Gifts for Travellers.

We all have a friend who loves travelling more than anything in the world and they keep planning short trips to satiate their wanderlust.

Or chances are you are that one friend which people often envy due to your long list of travel stories.

So if you find yourself in the category or are looking for some creative travel gifts, we’ve compiled 5 suitable gifts for the wanderer within every one of us-

1.) A Travel Journal

A journal or a diary will be the most apt gift for a person who is always on the move. Observing different sights may evoke powerful emotions within you and it’s very important to write down these thoughts.
Usually travellers always carry a journal in their backpack to collect these small moments of self reflection and bliss.

2.) A Backpack/Rugsack

No matter how many backpacks one has, a traveller will always be delighted to receive yet another bag to add to their collection. For a vagabond, their backpack is their most prized possession as it is a reflection of their mighty spirit and their love for adventures. Hence, a backpack will always work as a travel gift!

3.) A Polaroid Camera

Not many individuals appreciate the value of having a polaroid camera but a traveller isn’t one of them.

In today’s mordern age of instant ‘selfies’, possessing a polaroid camera will bring an old age charm back into your life. Travellers usually carry a polaroid to capture important moments in their life at some very special places.

So if you have a dear friend with an affliction for photography and travel, this will be the right gift for them.


4.) Books and more Books

If you’re a frequent traveller your bookshelf will be full of different books and travel guides from all across the world.

As a traveller one starts to appreciate the relevance of art and literature, hence a good book is always well received by a nomadic soul. Also, books help you find solace amongst your inner most thoughts while commuting to the final destination.

5.) Earplugs/Headphones

Music is the permanent solution to all the temporary problems in life. No journey is ever complete without some good heartfelt music in the background, right?

Though you may not afford to gift a mp3 player to a friend but a pair of good quality noise cancelling headphones works just fine.

So if you have a buddy who loves to travel and whose birthday is nearby, one of these gifts will definitely make his day!

Or it’s not weird at all to buy a gift for yourself either. 😉

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