10 reasons on why you MUST travel

Ever wondered why travelers are so zesty and full of life? Why they are always brimming with stories of what they have seen and what is still not ticked off the list? Ever wondered if you could be as adventurous and fun-loving as them?

Well,  here are 10 reasons which travelling geeks have known since the longest of time- and even you should know!

1. Discover new places.


This is the most obvious advantage of traveling. You will see places you have never heard of, and visualize beauty you never dreamt of. This is the aura of a traveler- they see and learn so much through places. While discovering a new place- you also come across mind-blowing architecture, artistic scenery, long-flowing carpets of greenery and the list goes on.

2. Refreshes the mind.


In the 21st century, people have lost the art of spending ‘ME’ time. If you want to give a break to your constant deadlines, hectic schedules and lack of peace of mind then there is no better option than travelling. While you discover the places you visit, there is also something more you are learning about yourself!

3. Helps challenge yourself.


Day long treks, nights spent at jungles while hiking, visiting creepy areas- while you are travelling, you are also constantly  challenging yourself. Pushing the envelope for yourself is one of the greatest parts about being a traveler. And it surely helps if you are inquisitive and curious to excursions which require high metabolism and stamina.

4. Keeps you fit and active.


While you are allowing the serenity around you to seep into your veins, your body in itself is enjoying your endeavor towards being fit and active. Surprising, isn’t it? But the logic is simple. You automatically tend to exercise while on your exertion. Your body is preparing itself to be stronger while you are enjoying yourself! So two targets with one arrow, isn’t it?

5. Helps rediscover yourself.


Now that you are a travel enthusiast, you know what your capacities are, your limitations and how you can work on them. Travelling is like your psychologist, providing you its service with the best results and also cheaper at times. You get a deeper insight into what you are and what you can be.

6. Meeting new people, learning new cultures, cuisines.


Here is the reason why your travel enthusiast buddy is so knowledgeable – after all he has seen people across seven seas. When you travel, you simultaneously learn what other people are upto- their cultures, traditions, rituals, customs, cuisines and so much more. Perhaps a longer stay would mean a new language too- or at least the nuances. Maybe now you know why foreigners visiting India are so flabbergasted seeing our Indian traditions and attire!

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P.S. It is recommended that you don’t confuse yourself with traveling to other countries only. Traveling and knowing your own country , too, is quite satisfying and enriching to the soul.

7. Makes you organised.


Tickets- CHECK, passport- CHECK, mobile charger- CHECK……… and there is an endless list. But did you know that before traveling, you tend to organize and reset your requirements. From your favorite pair of jeans, to that makeup brush longing to be used- they all get packed with you on your tour.

Many a times, travelling also helps you go through the many things you never knew you had or were lazying around in a corner.

8. You gain information.

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Books provide information- and so does travelling- perhaps more practical and colorful than the pages. A well- traveled person knows how to deal with places and more importantly- persons. No wonder it is said-

” The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

9. Makes you confident.


So you thought the mountains were too tall- but you trekked on them, didn’t you? And those waves and currents- but you just rafted, eh? There is a lot more to you than you just see! You ought to thank traveling- it has made you a more confident person and a lover of life! In a way, traveling doesn’t only arm you for the moment but arms you for life!

10. You can share your travel stories and inspire others too. 🙂


The best part of traveling is – You have so many stories to share! There is so much which you have seen and are waiting to share- an experience at that unknown village, a rendezvous with a long lost friend- who perhaps set out on a journey like you did, and this and that!

A conversation is bound to happen when you share your travel tips and experiences with others. Who knows you too may inspire someone  in the same way you have been inspired.


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