10 awkward Indian myths.

India is one heavy assortment of lovely locations, scenic beauty, delicious cuisine and what not! But travelling such a mystic country with the wrong notions could prove disastrous. Perhaps, some myths wont allow you to enjoy your vacation the way you should.

We care for you and your trip, so we list 10 awkward myths which need to be busted straightaway:

1. Indian food is spicy food:

Well, its somewhat true. But banning Indian foods completely while on your travel is insane. There are foods in Indian cuisine made to suit people with less guts for spice.Dishes like Paneer Kofta( most paneer dishes), every other dish prepared in the south is quite humble and edible. This means, more trips to places and less to the toilet.

2. Unbearable Indian weather:

India is very distinct. Wondering why? There is NO ONE weather in India. Thats the beauty of India. You can expect snow-capped mountains in the north and relatively humid weather in the south. In all, theres no one definition for Indian weather.

3. India is HINDU.

It helps to know that countries don’t have religions! Hindus might be abundant in India, but Indians are much more than bovine-revering Hindus. There are Muslims, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, Parsis and also whatever is left. And trust us, all live peacefully, making India the mixed bag of cultures its known for.

4. Bollywood is your Indian Mirror.

No doubt you would hear even the meekest Indian retorting Amitabh and SRK dialogues. And ofcourse, our pretty Indian Divas dance like Madhuri and look like Aishwarya. But its impossible for us, like other humans, to dance on train-tops and neither do we romance behind trees!

5. Indians speak gibberish.

And by that, we mean English! Its a myth that Indians speak like the typical Indian characters on TV. Hey, we do speak English, and English which sounds like music to the ears, not the crappy portrayal ones.

6. India is dirty.

Not really! You see we are taking Modi (bit) seriously now. Though Indians have this ancestral problems of peeing and throwing evrything on the road, theres still a fair number of EDUCATED indians who believe cleanliness is nest to godliness.

7. India is poor.

Oh no no! Thats so untrue. There is some poverty issue in the country, but that doesnt mean that every Inidan sleeps on the footpaths and they beg for a living. India is mother to many rich men, too. where else would you find Tata and Birla and Ambani?

8. Unsafe country.

Did you even believe that? Indeed rapes are an issue in India, but that doesnt make us a rape country! There are some minus points, but there are  many Indians who believe in ‘Live and let live’. Indians are the most generous and good-hearted species on earth! Lost your way? Let an Indian help you!

9. Immobile traffic.

The seventh largest country and a burgeoning population, that’s India! With such heavy human-race, there ought to be some traffic and ultimate travel woes. But that doesnt mean that we have static traffic. Its only the metro cities which are crowded and not that travel-friendly. Otherwise, our traffic is much like the rest of the world.

10. Stat(e)us:

Let’s blame whatsapp jokes ad facebook posts for this! Punjabis are dumb, South-Indians are idli-sambhar savourers, Bhaiyas are parents to half the Indian poplulation, Gujus are money minded, Rajasthanis are Maarwadis, North-east indians are Chinese, south is balck and north is white. These are just made-up stereotypes! All Indians are smart, loving and caring beings, no matter what! So don ever expect to find greedy Gujus or stingy Rajasthanis.
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