5 unbelievable places around the world that celebrate Holi

Holi has always been a favorite for Indian children, youngsters and adults. It has never failed to light the spark of unity and bonhomie amongst people. While the festival of colors is celebrated with gusto and zest in India, it has also spread its colorful wings across the globe. Yes, Holi has become a hit with the foreign audiences too! Read on to know about these unbelievable places celebrating Holi:

1. Holi in Germany.

Boasting the status of ‘Most Colourful Holi in the World, Germany is not far behind in celebrating Holi! Germans have gone up to the extent of organising a special festival – Holi Concept GmbH to grace this occasion of immense fun and frolic. With a much stringent system of celebrating where health is the first concern, they celebrate with equal excitement and enthusiasm.

2. Holi in Netherlands.

The Netherlands have left no stone unturned in the Holi celebrations. Similiar to Germany, they too have a dedicated festival to paint themselves in colours of love and unity. The ‘Holi Fusion Festival of Netherlands’ brings in the festival of colors with glee. If you happen to see Holi celebrations in the Netherlands, you would believe that they celebrate Holi with equal fervour and madeness- just like India.

3. Holi in South Africa.

Indian immigrants in South Africa must be thanked for this! Made of Gujaratis, Tamilians and migrants from Uttar Pradesh, Holi has become a norm in the African continent. Our Indian counterparts in South Africa celebrate Holi just as we celebrate it- with the traditional Holika Dahan, Holi songs and indeed making HoIi ‘HOLY’.

4. Holi in Brazil.

Brazilians, as we all know, are festival-crazy persons. Right from the carnival to the New Year’s Eve, every celebration in Brazil is more of passion and pleasure. The Holi Festival of Brazil has become synonymous to Holi celebrations in India.

5. Holi in Mauritius.

Mauritius, too , celebrates the victory of good over evil. The island loves celebrating Holi with verve and craze. Throwing ‘rang’ and splashing watered colors at each other, Mauritius marks the occasion of Holi in the traditional Indian style.
The Holi fever is no more limited to the Indian boundaries. It has spread all over the world- and everyone’s loving it!
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