Important Travel Tools.

We all love travelling! While we our busy on our wanderlust, we often forget to make a list of stuff we need while travelling and BAM! You get pissed off because that expensive Swiss-knife you brought for travelling- LEFT HOME!

Just to make sure that you don’t miss out anything else on your next travel, we have compiled a list of TOOLS you must carry w/o fail!

1.Little nothings.

Well, that’s what we think but traveling without them is chaos. Basic things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, innerwear, comb, shampoo, soap, etc. must make it to your list before anything else. Starting with those small-greats is the best way to get travel-ready.

2.  A passport pouch.

You can forget the entire world but your passport on international travels! Always make a point to have a passport pouch which will contain your passport, visas and any other documents which are the need of the hour. Its always good to have all important things at one place, which must be a pouch.

3. Hanging Cosmetic Handbag.

This is a boon to every traveler, women in particular. While everyone has many ‘basic’ requirements, this handbag has an answer to most of the questions travelers carry along. You can put all the sea of things to want into this handy handbag and be sure nothing’s gonna be lost.

4. A travel-hoodie.

This one is the best to carry to camps or cool holidays. Its always a great idea to cover your head to make yourself feel warm and secure.

5. Bacteria and Pathogen killing water band.

You can seldom expect clean and safe drinking water at every place you visit. In that case, worry not! Technology has everything for everyone and the water band  is one for you. Just immerse the band into water for 48 seconds and Voila! Your clean water is ready.

6. Noise-Cancelling Headphones.

Never can you expect peaceful travels always. Often while travelling, you have to bear the uninvited wailing babies and stupid, loud co-passengers. Not to mention honking road-travels. If that’s what you dream to avoid than make sure you invest in noise-cancelling headphones. You can thank us later!

7. Money-belts.

Traveling makes you go to hundreds of places. Cash is needed in places where no one knows the humble credit-card. However, carrying wads of cash in your pockets is foolish and unsafe. And you can’t dig into your bag for every single note! That’s where money-belts come in. Just put all your cash in and zip-open whenever you need money. This way, you save time and hassle.

8. Luggage IDs.

You need an ID and so does your luggage! Always remember to tag your luggage with basic details like name and address so that your baggage is not lost in that crowd of hundreds of other baggage. And even if you were to lose, it always gets easier for authorities(particularly airports) to find out your lost luggage.

9. All-terrain Boots.

Every traveler is a born adventurer. This means rocky mountains, patchy lands, green lawns are the sites a traveler discovers- by foot. Its always handy to have boots, perhaps an extra pair of boots along. You just cant miss those mystic jungles because you don’t have the right footwear!

10. Solar backpack.

We couldn’t emphasize on this any more! Its always a worry to charge cameras, phones and tablets on the go. Here’s where these backpacks fill the void. Be carefree on your trip with these solar chargers that charge devices 10%  faster than the normal socket chargers.
We believe you found this useful. To know more about how you can make your travel a success, check out our website.

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