Jaipur Homestay

It is a well-known fact that Jaipur is the Pink City of India. Along with being the capital of Rajasthan, it is also a place to die for, owing to its culture and vibrance. Right from its majestic palaces to intricately carved architecture, everything promises to leave you spell-bound.
We believe that you would not want to miss such a place which is filled with colors, mysticism and the rich tradition of India. This is why Roomnhouse gets you just what you look for!
Rather than staying in hotels and lodges which are boring and tasteless, Roomnhouse provides for Alternate Accommodation. The perk of staying at a homestay is that you can stay leisurely at your own convenience. Taking advantage of a homestay makes you feel like a local.


This house by Roomnhouse makes for a comfortable and affordable stay for a pair of two. While this house is spacious enough, a number of other amenities are offered by the hosts such as a wifi connection, TV, Air-conditioning, kitchen, etc. The price is adjustable (use bidding) and flexibility is an option on the number of days you can avail their service.


There is also a sit-out to enjoy the serenity of Rajasthan. Aqua-lovers can also be thrilled to dive in the swimming-pool.
Lined with potted-bushes and plants, a feel of peacefulness amidst nature is bound to come.


As seen, all the rooms in the house amplify the importance of sunlight in our lives. Every room invites sunlight in plenty and promises to add brightness to your day.


A good night’s sleep would mean an energetic morning the next day. Understanding this, the house provides you with a comfortable bedroom wherein you can relax after your hectic rendezvous with the streets of Rajasthan.
We recommend you to book this lavish house here.

Places you must head to:

As implied throughout the article, Jaipur makes for a treat to the eyes and a heavy bag of memories. Here, we list some of the places which you must visit in Jaipur without another thought-
Elefantastic, Sheesh Mahal(Hall of Mirrors), Ambar Fort, Jantar Mantar(Jaipur), Govind Devji Temple, Birla Mandir, Nagargarh, Panna Meena ka Kund, Ganesh Pol Gateway, Albert Hall Museum, Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing, Jal Mahal, Khole ke Hanuman ji, Royal Gaitor Tumbas and many, many more exciting places are waiting for you.
 For further details you can refer to our travel guide on Jaipur here.

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