10 ‘Whacko’ ‘Indian traveling’ truths

Traveling in itself is a mystery and when it comes to India there are many things that are indeed bizarre. Here, we list some jaw-dropping truths about India and traveling in this land of mystery and marvel.

1. Before riding on the adorable yak in Sikkim, you have to shave your head. It seems just like bulls hate red yak hate black! However, this doesn’t apply if you are brown head or blonde.

2. Madhya Pradesh’s Khajuraho prohibits entry to children below 12 years of age and elders above 65. Such restrictions are apt because kids must not see and elders need not see the erotic carvings in there. Sad!

3. In Haryana, one must not miss the Kushti matches. Lest you do, Haryanvis believe you don’t adore the Haryanvi culture and will beat you up instead.

4. Before proceeding to the Auli Cable Car in Uttarakhand, you have to group dance to any song which is famous in the region. You’ll get a free pass and you want it, don’t you?

5. In Andhra Pradesh, it is mandatory to pay the rickshaw driver 100 in cash if you are his first customer for the day. Get ready to invite abuse and enough taunts for a lifetime if you don’t!

6. In Punjab, you have to drink 20 glasses of Lassi to prove that you are ‘Sher Da Puttar’. If you don’t, belief says you are Puttar to Harwinder Singh who was a famous jerk in Punjab’s Bhatinda.

7. Before entering the Ajanta and Ellora caves in Aurangabad, do not forget to remove your footwear. It is a mark of respect to the cave creators.

8. In Bihar, do not forget to carry a gun along for safety. You never know when a bullet will come, set to pierce your head. In fact in some areas, either you carry a gun or you are simply not allowed.

9. Shimla Kaali Bari temple prohibits entry to those who cannot name any five characters of the Mahabharat. So we recommend that you don’t forget Karna, Yudhisthara, Nakula, Hidimbi and Kunti atleast.

10. Andaman and Nicobar islands are a beauty to watch. However, 95 % of locals prefer only seafood and so should you. Of course there are edible roots and herbs but have it at your risk!

We hope to have accomplished on our promise of dropping your jaw. Let’s give you another jaw dropping fact- Its April Fool’s Day and it was a pleasure fooling you.

P.S. Don’t throw stones and rocks at us, its just a joke after all. 😛

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