5 destinations for Meat Lovers

Do you just love your non-vegetarian food? Does your mouth start watering when you imagine your teeth sinking into well cooked meat? Can you taste it in your mouth while reading this? If yes, then you have come to the right place! We are here to tell you about the best destinations all over the world for you to enjoy some lip smacking and bizarre meats.

#1    Argentina

Once upon a time, Argentina was said to be the meat capital of the world because of its highest beef consumption rate all over the world.  La Brigada in Buenos Aires is your paradise if you are an avid steak lover. Their meat is flawlessly cooked and their waiters are well versed with many party tricks to impress every customer!

#2 Kenya

Kenya does not only have great wildlife in their jungles and sanctuary parks, but also share the same reputation on their dinner plates! Carnivore in Nairobi offers you all sorts of exotic meats such as ostrich and crocodile, and the waiters won’t stop serving you till you put up a red flag denoting your belly cannot handle anymore! The look is very rustic and wild, giving out a really quirky vibe.

#3 New Zealand

New Zealand and Australia are now becoming the top runners in beef consumption all over the world. Their signature cultural dish is the meat pie that is made with minced meat and gravy. The Fridge Cafe in Auckland serves simply the best meat pie in all of New Zealand and the cafe in itself is very ambient and trendy.

#4 Germany

Germany is undoubtedly one of the top ranking destinations for meat lovers with their sausages, schnitzels and beef roulanden. Beef Bar in Berlin is a sleek fine dining restaurant that has brought a twist to the image of a steak house. The food in this restaurant definitely never dissapoints!


#5 India

The food across India differs just as the cultures do. If you’re heading down South, then the Biryani in Hyderabad is a must. In the North, the kebabs of Chandni Chowk in Delhi simply take the crown. If you’re a sea food lover, Trishna in Mumbai is the best destination for you.

These places are just perfect to satisfy your carnal and primal carnivorous instincts. Also, if you’re ever travelling in India to satisfy your non vegetarian cravings, be sure to check out our comfortable and affordable accommodations  at “RoomNHouse” if you are looking out for a stay other than hotel rooms!

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