Vegan Traveller’s Guide.

It’s time for that trip you have been planning for months. But there’s a block- how will you be vegan all the way while you travel? It’s pretty obvious, not everyone prefers a meat diet. Hence, for those who want to roam ‘meat-free’, we have come up with 10 ways you can stay free from the meat while you travel:

1. Food stores.

Learn your vicinity while you are travelling. Trust us, this is the most valuable thing when you travel. While you discover, you would come across natural food stores that sell organic and fresh vegetable produce. The greater benefit is that they are crisp and healthier than your fried and oily products.

2. The Restaurant Treat.

Every place understands your needs and that’s why there are vegetarian restaurants! You can find vegetarian restaurants almost everywhere. Besides, the food is usually good and affordable.

3. Your own food.

It is rare that you get custom-made food in hotels. Therefore, we suggest that you opt for alternate accommodation. The best part being, you can cook your own healthy and reliable food- at your own leisure! Choose RoomnHouse to get the best deals on alternate accommodation.

4. Self-sufficient.

While you travel, make it a point to carry your own eatables along. Foods like dry fruits and fruits are healthier, less bulky and portable. You can always be sure on the eatables you carry rather than any outside food.

5. Cut down.

Well, this tip is not only for vegans, but for all ‘travelers’ in general! When you travel, avoid eating heavy, meaty meals. Instead try to snack on dry fruits , fruits and cooked or boiled vegetables, all in a limit. This is prime because travelling with a heavy stomach would mean traveling with a heavy mind. End result: You ruin your travel.

6. Know your choices.

Always be prepared and all-knowing about the food you are eating. Make sure where you are eating indeed serves vegan food. This should mean not even the slightest piece of meat. Know you food before you eat!

7. Ask!

If you are having a tough time preparing your own meal or getting strictly vegan food at restaurants, SHY NOT! Simply ASK. Make a request at the restaurant to make strictly veg. food. It would take an effort, but ultimately it’s worth it.


So the next time you’re off to a foreign land where getting vegan food is a genuine problem, these tips will save the day.

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