10 Things only Mumbaikars Do

Mumbai. It is one powerful word that peaks interests of millions by just hearing this word. Mumbai has it all. Food, Bollywood, trains, businesses, you name it. It also has its own culture that it holds onto with pride. If you’re a Mumbaikar reading this, you will surely be nodding your head aggressively while reading these 10 things that only Mumbaikars do!

Townie vs Burbian

Mumbaikars don’t care about the Indo-Pak rivalry. Our priorities is whether you’re from the Suburbs or from town! The argument whether Mumbai Suburbia is better or South Bombay, is one issue even the supernatural powers cannot resolve!

Midnight snacks

There is not one corner of Mumbai where you you won’t find a small stall open at midnight selling some cheap but delicious snacks! Be it Maggi, cutting chai, chicken rolls or anda bhurji, you are sure to find some great places open way past midnight to rest those elephants stomping around your stomach!

Shopping Fun

However much a budget you have for shopping, you will always find yourself finishing majority of your shopping at either Hill Road or Colaba Causeway. These street shops set the trend for the season and their shopping vibes beat the vibes of mall shopping by a mile!

Love Hate relationship with monsoons

In Mumbai, one cannot wait to be drenched in the monsoon rains after being drenched in their sweat all through May and June! It’s all fun and games when the first showers hit the floors but the clogged drains and sticky drenched clothes, will have you questioning your love for Mumbai rains! But this mental debate comes to a halt when you just step out in the rain to feel like a kid again and enjoy some hot tea and bhajjiya while breathing in the fresh air.

Local trains: Can’t stand them, can’t live without them

“Travelling in Mumbai locals is my favorite task” said no one ever! The constant pushing, shouting and brawls give you a headache before you have even reached your destination. But there is not one place these Mumbai locals don’t connect and are the best escape from the nightmarish Mumbai traffic! After travelling by the local trains for ages, be sure to feel the withdrawal symptoms kick in if you stop travelling by them!

Bombay>Delhi any day

A Mumbaikar’s superiority complex doesn’t stop at just the Suburbian-SoBo war. One is only a true Mumbaikar after they have dissed every single trait of Delhi, even the ones that are the exact same as ours! We take “Mumbai Meri Jaan” a bit too seriously, yes.

Marine Drive and Carter’s is your budgeted hangout

If a mumbaikar is running low on money, it doesn’t mean you sit home and mope around! You will see groups of people strolling around and enjoying the strong sea breeze and getting some killer selfies by the water!

Night owl tendencies

Every Mumbaikar hates sunlight. We shrivel into a mass of irritation during the day but every one is suddenly bouncing off of walls once the sun is down! The phrase “the city that never sleeps” is more than apt for Mumbai and its humble dwellers. The general reaction of Mumbai dwellers who have shifted elsewhere is “What do you mean everything SHUTS by 11:00 pm?!”

Street food after Starbucks

Mumbaikars know just the right way of balancing out the elitist and the stingy person inside them. Only people in Mumbai will grab a pricey cup of coffee from Starbucks and then fill themselves up with some pani puri stall right opposite the coffee shop!

Vada Pav is bae

Vada pav, missil pav and cutting chai! Three terms that will put a smile on every Mumbaikar’s face, no matter what the situation. You know a Mumbaikar is home sick when they say they miss these eateries of Mumbai! Who needs love when vada pav brings enough spice into your life?!

Outsiders might find our traditions and beliefs weird but you we are happy with the little community we’ve build for ourselves. Because all said and done, there is no city like Mumbai and you won’t see a single sad face at the end of the day. We are tough and we lift each other up because that is just something a Mumbaikar does!

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