Top 5 places to catch Pokemon

Pokemon Go has everyone wrapped around their little finger and we’re proudly one of the millions to be wrapped up like a Koala! There is no better feeling in this world than when you finally catch a rare pokemon after hours of walking around and no feeling more disappointing than when they break free and escape! The gameplay of Pokemon Go is simple and yet ingenious. You don’t just explore any virtual world for Pokemons, you explore real world, your neighbourhood where the virtual Pokemons appear after the phone gets the local information.

If you want to get yourself some rare and exotic pokemon, you will need to step out and explore some unexplored areas to find the best of them!

#1 Goa

If you’re looking for some rare water pokemon, beaches is where you want to be! Walk across the scenic beaches of Goa and take in the fresh gushes of winds on the calm shore and run around when you see a Magikarp nearby! Be sure to catch some of the best water pokemon along these beaches and when you’re looking for a place to rest after a long job for pokehunting, kick your legs up and enjoy the sea food at a beach shack or hit up one the infamous beach parties!

#2 Uttarakhand

If you’re blessed with a mobile network that goes everywhere with you, take the opportunity to get a nice long trek and an opportunity to go on perhaps, your longest poke walk ever! Just imagine how many pokemon you can catch while climbing up the rocky hills of Uttarakhand and you can also marvel over one of the best views you’ll ever witness!

#3 Mumbai

Hanging Gardens are the terraced gardens also called Ferozshah Mehta Garden, which is located at western side at the top of Malabar Hills in Mumbai and offers amazing sunset views over the Arabian Sea. Besides the mesmerising sunset, you are sure to catch some killer grass pokemon in here! Start exploring and level up that Poke Dex of yours!

#4 Delhi

As royal as they are, dragon pokemon are mostly found at important landmarks and structures in a city. Head down to India Gate, Red Fort and the Rashtrapati Bhavan to get the complete tourist experience in Delhi and score yourself some regal pokemon while you’re on the move!

#5 Chennai

Poison pokemon are one of the rarest pokemon to catch, making them the toughest to get! They are more readily available near lakes and marshy lands like at Pallikaranai wetland in Chennai! Go explore the famously talked about marshy wetlands and take in the beautiful French vibes of the city, while accomplishing what most players would give up A LOT for!

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Remember to start exploring, if you want to catch ’em all!


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