Tagged! You’re it!

Hello people of the world! Isn’t it supremely annoying when you’re bag is identical to one of your co-passenger’s bags and they walked off with your bag, while you waited […]

DIY – Repurpose

Hello to the people of the world! what’s up? Today I share with you one of my fiercely guarded secrets about Travel DIY. It’s super efficient because it reduces luggage […]

DIY – all’s well that Towels well.

Yes I know the title sounds weird, but not really. Today’s DIY is a nifty way to keep your money, and other valuables safe while traveling, in a towel with […]

DIY – Carry your world with you.

Hello to the people of the world! I hope your bookmarks and frames are sitting well on the shelf with your picture in it! Yesterday evening as I was on […]

DIY – Corner Bookmarks/ Photo frames.

Hello People of the World! What’s up? Today I bring to you amazing corner book marks which double as quirky and customized photo frames! Start out with one or two […]

DIY! Travel playlist

Hey world! Whats sizzling? In my previous blog I suggested you about making your travel quote book and its seems pretty interesting, but that quote book would be useful only […]

DIY! travel quote book

Hey people! What’s new? Are you all set to note down all the ‘Do It Yourself’ things we will be telling you through our blogs? After Sonali’s amazing idea of […]


Hello people of the World! What’s up? This week we’re sharing some real nifty DIY travel accessories/tips/hacks with you! Starting with this amazing travel album, or Travel Quote Book/Travel Bucket […]

Beach Life!

Mumbai!  We do have a beach but not much of a beach life.  In fact we have quite a few beaches but for some reason one only thinks of Chowpatty […]

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Hello People of the World! What’s up? God, it’s the perfect day to stay in, or out, and as tempted as I am, to stay in, cuddle in a blanket, […]