Five Things to do

Top 5 places to catch Pokemon

Pokemon Go has everyone wrapped around their little finger and we’re proudly one of the millions to be wrapped up like a Koala! There is no better feeling in this world […]

Five Things to do

5 Best Places To Be During Festivals

  India is known for a lot of its elements but the varying culture is unmatched, all over the world! With various cultures comes various festivals and we love celebrating […]


10 Things only Mumbaikars Do

Mumbai. It is one powerful word that peaks interests of millions by just hearing this word. Mumbai has it all. Food, Bollywood, trains, businesses, you name it. It also has […]

Travel Guide

A Kerala Trip Guide

Located on the Malabar Coast of our beautiful country of India, Kerala is a hub for culture, Ayurveda and budding romance. The well connected waterways, calming climates and undeniably beautiful […]

Travel Tips

Tips to Prevent Motion Sickness

You know what’s the worst feeling? When you love to travel and explore but one ride in a moving vehicle and you’re stomach is punishing you in ways you would […]

Travel Guide

5 destinations for Meat Lovers

Do you just love your non-vegetarian food? Does your mouth start watering when you imagine your teeth sinking into well cooked meat? Can you taste it in your mouth while […]

Room n House

Suitable Gifts for Travellers.

We all have a friend who loves travelling more than anything in the world and they keep planning short trips to satiate their wanderlust. Or chances are you are that one […]

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Room n House

Host Etiquettes

Opening your home to guests is no small feat, but the benefits include meeting friendly and interesting travelers and adding a new stream of income to your budget, which is […]